Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drinking Night + Liverpool Night

Almost want to sleep already. Recap what I did for the past two days.

Tues 10/03/2009 - Start working as usual after long holidays.Damn lazy. Today is SAM last day. We went to Sunway Pyramid to have lunch. Incident happened. He left his parking tickets in the restaurant. Only found out when we almost got to car. Luckily found back. After work, went to meet my secondary high skool friends for some drinks. We went to a bar called 'After 5' near Damansara Perdana. We had some beer.Not a bad place overall. Lots of friendly bar girls around mostly speak Cantonese are willing to chit-chat around. Good place to hang around for some drinks after work. Suits the name itself.

Wednesday 10/03/2009
Is a lazy day to work after some late drinking session last night. Came back home as early as possible. Didn't really notice Liverpool Champion League match against Real Madrid last night. Saw the result through the TV news. Great! Big Win! 4-0. What a night and history. My favourite Gerrard (8) scored twice. Yes! Of coz I don't want to miss how those goals scored.

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