Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Weekend + Last Minutes booked cheap Air Asia Tickets ..Hooray....

It's Monday 2am morning, yeah. i know suppose to sleep by now. But I just want to write down what I 've done for this weekend.

As normal starts from Friday night, me and my colleagues had our badminton game at Bukit Kiara. I think I played better now since played every week. At least did less mistakes.

After games, another drinking session in some area in PJ. First, we went to After5, but seems no crowd there, so we moved to SCARLET at Cineleisure. The place also not crowded that night compare to Santuary. We had a bottle but is just a boring place for us. In the end, also drunk.
Then, after go back, I dropped by at 24hours massage place somewhere near PJ. Saw another friend of mine there as well..Hmmm..around 2++am. After massage, we had some great chat and leave at 4am.

Next Saturday, hmmm...of cause I slept like pig until 12pm. Then after surfing some internet and watch TV until evening. A colleague invited me to watch big match that night. MU vs Liverpool . Together with the rest of Liverpool fans at Hartamas. Great crowd, great night. Liverpool won 4-1. What a match! We celebrated like crazy. We sang 'You Will Never Walk Alone'. Happy. At last Liverpool beat MU at Old Trafford. Hope we can win the title this year.

Sunday, got invited by colleagues to go free trial of True Fitness at Jaya 33. Went there around noon and 7 of us there. Haha. 7 ppl comes for trial. Haha. The fitness consultant there also bit shocked because so many of us. For the 1st half hour, we had some talks and discussions with a lady fitness consultant. After that, she brought us around the center, which I think is very decent and quite a big fitness center. Everything under one roof. Fitness facilities, dancing classes, yoga, spa, sauna, steam bath, and even a swimming pool on top floor.

After that, we start our trial session, me and another few colleagues when to jogging. I ran for almost 3KM. Feels good. Burn toxic and fat. Then went up and did some cycling, push up, sit up, muscle builder, boxing, and etc. Wow! starting to tired. Since there is a free yoga class, we went to have a try. Is an intermediate level session. We are allowed to join. Without thinking much, I joined. But my nightmare starts here. Don't ever try this if you are not a normal yoga practiser. 1 hours session. We started with some breathing session. Then, here we comes, the instructor started to do some moves. Of coz we have to follow. We started to scratched here and there. Leg, head, hand scratch here and there. OMG, so difficult and tiring. So many styles and worst case isnon-stop. He never gives us time to stop a while for each exercise. 9,8,7....1. I can't remember how many styles I did for 30 minutes. I'm struggling and sometimes rolling like a giant turtle. But he keep saying 'Just try. No pain No gain'. WaT Lao! longest 30mins. Some of my colleagues laugh throughout the session. Most of the moves we are struggling. We are really a begineer. But one of my colleagus practices yoga. She no problem in some difficult moves. After 30 mins the instructor allowed us to rest. At that point of time, I thinking of walkout. I can't continue..It is so tiring. Before even i decide to walk out. Here he comes again....
Scratch you leg.. OMG. another half hour...The next 30mins I am just struggling. My leg is shaking, my hand..all over..I am very tired. Lastly I managed to finished the 1 hour torture session. He off the light, and we rest for 10 minutes listening to a song. Almost fall asleep. Damn tired.

After such a tiring session we went out and start laughing on what happening just now. We think we are totally sucks. Then, we went for sauna and steam bath and shower before leaving. Before leave, we talk to the fitness consultant and gave some reference to her and she also tried to persuade us to join the member. All of us denied and we need to think futher. Haha. Excuses.
She handed us the trial pass for whole week which means we can come back for whole week.

After, we went dinner. We are so hungry. We went to Lala Chong. We ordered steamboat, lala, vege, and crab also. All of us like hungry ghost. Haha. I'am not sure the burned calories at fitness centre is more or less than the calories we add up during the dinner session. Haha.

After back home, I get some rest. Then I checked AirAsia website around 11.50pm. Previously I knew that AirAsia is running a cheap promotion for some local fares. Since I plan to go diving on July to Sipadan, I saw a cheap price RM80 for two ways to Tawau. Thats is so cheap. I didn't acknowledge the last date for the promotion. Suddenly I checked, OMG. the last date is March 15 that means ends by 12am. Without thinking much, and it is 11.58pm in my clock. I booked the Air Asia tickets. OMG is 12.04am, I still filling the personal particular and credit card info. Yes. managed to book it for RM80. How lucky! Then I checked back the price. It rised to RM238 two ways. Lucky. I saved RM158. Hehe........Blessed....

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