Monday, April 06, 2009

Penang->Hua Hin->Bangkok->Siam Reap->Phnom Penh 2@@9 Trip - Part 1

Recently, I have completed my backpacking trip to Thailand & Cambodia and it is great to travel and most important I am still alive.haha. The whole experience is still fresh in my mind...

Here are the story of my journeys - Part 1

Day 1 - 23 April 2009
Woke up as early as 5.30am to catch an early plane to Penang. My second flight with Fireflyz. Luckily I'm staying near Subang. Hehe. My travel buddy's dad fetch us to airport ( Terminal 3 ). The last time I came, it was a really old building, but now after some renovations, the place looks good! My flight scheduled at 7.00am and eventough early in the morning I saw quite a lot of passengers as well. Not bad business for Fireflyz. The journey to Penang is quite fast. Just around 45 minutes.

New Subang Airport. Impressed :)

Nice view of cloud. :)

Touch Down

Reached Penang airport around 8.00am. It was so early. I'm hungry. But, we planned to eat near Georgetown. So, we took a cab. It was a wrong decision to pick an old cab early in the morning. The taxi condition is quite bad and worse case is no air-cond. And another worst case, it took us 40 minutes to reach town ! My goodness, the taxi driver drove us using some jammed roads. I am also quite familiar with Penang road actually because I worked and drive be4 in Penang for 3-4 months. Why didn't he use simpler route. I think these old cabbies have to be change. Really paiseh! if a tourist from other countries use our taxi, bad bad impression. And a trip to Georgetown from airport cost us RM30.

He stopped us near Ferry Station and from there we walked to Lebuh Chulia. I came across the famous Beef noodle hawkers stall at Lebuh Chulia. However, my travel buddy don't eat beef, so we walked futher up to eat at an old shop. We ate wantan mee and it cost us only RM2.50 per plate.

Since, it was still early, we walked to some nearby Kongsi. Eventough, I stayed in Penang for few months be4, I rarely visiting these famous Kongsi. I planned to visit Penang most famous Khoo Kongsi. So, by looking at the map, we tried to find Khoo Kongsi.

Is this Khoo Kongsi? No


After 2-3 other kongsi's we reached our target place - Khoo Kongsi
It is hidden and surrounded by old buildings. Hmmm..have to pay RM5 for entrance fee. According, to my Penang's friends, last time is free. Nowadays, nothing is free.

Khoo Kongsi
From outside, you can see the everything is so well crafted and it looks unique.

Why so sad?

Inside you see lots of Chinese paintings and again the interiors are well crafted.

View from inside to outside

Surrounded by these old buildings. Damn old!

After, spending around 30 minutes at Khoo Kongsi, we came out and nearby Khoo Kongsi, we saw a old refurbished mosque. It makes me wondering on those days were people from different races living together in Georgetown; Malay, Chinese and Indian.

Famous Kuan Yin Temple in Georgetown

As we walked futher up, we saw the Kuan Yin Chinese Temple and we also passed through Indian Street. As the weather is getting hotter, we planned to look for cafe and have some cold drinks, however we ended up sitting inside Standard Chartered Bank for 20 minutes to enjoy the air-cond. Haha. Then, we had some ice-kacang and cold drinks before we walked towards ferry station. Yes, we are taking ferry to Butterworth. The ferry services is very famous among Penang people. It is 'gratis' for walking traveller.

Penang Bridge view from far.

The reason we went to Butterworth is because we already planned to take train to our next destination, Hua Hin Thailand.

Part 2 of my journey will talks about my journey from the train and to Hua Hin, a less known place among Malaysian compare to Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and etc.


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