Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Myojo Mee Goreng Never Ending Story

My gf visited me again this weekend. Everytime she came from Singapore, I will always request her to buy me 'Myojo Mee Goreng Pedas'. Yes, it is my favourite instant mee goreng of all time. I have it since I was in my secondary school. :) However, it suddenly gone missing completed from Malaysia market few years back. Completed missing from all retails or supermarkets. Trying other brands but none of them can match it. Luckily, I found it again.......Hehe. It will become my never ending story......

1 pack = 5 packets. Extra Pedas! known as Ramen char mee instead of Mee Goreng in Singapore.

2 packets 1st...hehe

in 5 minutes..Ta daaa....

Another 5 minutes...

Finally, a cup of ice pepsi lemon. A perfect combination.

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